December 21, 2022
Social media trends 2023

2023 is coming! Marketers should be preparing for the upcoming trends in order to achieve the best results next year. Utilizing the following social trends is sure to help you stand out. This will also increase your brand visibility, market reach and user engagement.

Authenticity is the key

Apart from video content that keeps on appearing on the trends list for the last couple of years, authenticity has slowly become the determining factor of success for social media platforms.

In the time of overly-edited images and videos and customer cynicism, authenticity, posts in real-time and relatable posts are more of a demand than an expectation.

The popularity of TikTok demonstrates precisely that. The need for filter-free content and relatable situations and personalities. This trend is slowly outweighing traditional, filtered, “insta” content.

Short video & TikTok

YouTube remains a leader in video content. 92% of marketers still view it as a vital part of their marketing strategy.

The popularity of videos has only grown as major social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn enhance their video functionality to keep up with the escalating demand and emerging trends.

But as TikTok has gained popularity, an intriguing trend has developed over time. Younger audiences have started to become somewhat accustomed to short-form videos.

And it is obvious why short, interesting videos are so popular. They are inexpensive to produce and simple to make, which produces some excellent user-generated content.

Micro-influencers and their effectiveness

As more and more consumers shop online, your brand marketing plan will be determined by collaborating with influencers to their audience. Influencer marketing is a successful social media marketing tactic, but it may be expensive.

Macro influencers struggle to interact with their followers since they have large numbers of followers. On the other hand, micro-influencers have a higher engagement rate despite having smaller audiences. Furthermore, they are more affordable to partner with. Your company may benefit more from collaborating with a number of smaller influencers who are more suited for the relevant market.

Personalized ads on social media

Paid advertising is effective because more than half of businesses intend to increase their social media advertising budget. It’s hardly surprising that Instagram will receive the majority of social media ad spending. Given the expanding trends in social media, which are centered on video and graphic material.

A rise in ad traffic and content promotion will also be seen on Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn. According to Hootsuite, marketers claim that these channels help them the most in achieving their professional objectives. And they work well for various forms of business expansion. Focus on a few trends you can include in your marketing strategy and execute them well. Pay attention to your audiences while determining what works for you and your company.

As social media trends are changing and will continue to do so, Dossyr is always ready to assist you in your marketing strategy. Talk to us to learn more about how we can assist you in your marketing strategy. DM us on Instagram or fill in our contact form here!