November 3, 2022

When is the best time for me to post on Instagram?

When is the best time for me to post on Instagram to make sure my post gets seen? And what about the best day of the week to get the most likes? The most comments?

Every brand caters to a different audience with unique behavior patterns so each business, they have its own best time for posting on Instagram. Knowing when your followers are online is key as the newer post will show up higher on the newsfeed and the Instagram algorithm prioritizes recency. It’s the quickest and easiest way of optimizing a post.

Users are more interactive mid-week and mid-day during working hours. It is an ideal opportunity because these are the times when people take a break from work or school and do some scrolling!

Weekends may not the best day to post. We have to assume that people are out and about in the real world rather than scrolling on Instagram.

Here is how we found out when you should post

We utilize past performances as our guide and review when the audience is mostly online. If the content that we posted was not performing well, we will then test different times of posting to see the changes in the post-performance.

Instagram Insights showing when most active times for Instagram users and this will reflect when the best time to post on Instagram

Our best is when we hit the time when people are sitting down to work or lunchtime and logging off-hours when people are getting ready to go home. Remember! You should analyze what type of audience you are targeting and what their daily life would look like. Then try to fit your post to when they are most likely engaging.

Some tips for finding your ideal time to post on Instagram

Review your top-performing posts

First, decide whether you want to increase brand exposure or user engagement. Depending on your objectives, you might take a different strategy for scheduling your Instagram posts.

Which of your Instagram posts from the past received a lot of views? When were they posted? Are these posts distinct from those that receive likes? What do the statistics reveal about your most engaging content?

Your Instagram insights and analytics are your best source of truth here. Not all analytics tools are born equal, though. Outsourcing your social media management can help you avoid heavy data crunching and you can focus your time on what’s most important for you.

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